You. Need. A. Cat.

Check out what
they can do
for you!

They are love

Cats are love machines... Think McLovin... In a furry and portable format. Now Imagine returning home after a hard day's work to find Furry McLovin on your couch longing for your attention.


Cats are WHERE IT'S AT right now with lockdowns and all. With anything you can grab in your house, you can play with them for hours on end... A laser pointer, a piece of string or a ping-pong ball, or anything you can come up with. Your creativity is the only limit!


Compared to any other pets... Or even a partner... They are maintenance-free! No expectations, arguments nor judgments... They will be happy existing in your living room whether you are in even alive or not.

What people are saying

"It Changed everything!"

Precisely engineered using the latest developments in cuddling technologies. This little furry hairball is literally, all I ever could have dreamt of during these lonely and isolated times.

- Some Dude

"Makes me feel like a better human!"

I literally could never people. It made me depressed and socially anxious for so long. My cat changed that around for me enabling me to feel like i finally belong somewhere.

- Some other Dude

"A Life saver!"

Because let's face it... How else are you going to avoid facing yourself locked inside your home after losing your job from a global pandemic and witnessing your industry collapsing?!

- Nobody

"You've never seen anything like it"

You don’t know who I am. I’m a phenomenon that you can never understand. You don’t know where I come from. You don’t know where I hang. I'll change your world and make you whole again.

- A cat

The Only Real Question is Which One!?

Keep in mind... It's all about the fluffiness!


Somewhat cute and has all the basic functions of a cat aka Cuddles, Independent, and well maintained but for this price, you get barely any hair on it to cuddle.


This is the responsible version... Middle budget and Middle hair length... A good buddy providing for a nice and smooth cuddling experience.


YOU HAD ME AT CUDDLING! This is by far the SOFTEST of them all. Somewhat of a prick but the softest cuddle buddy you could ever dream of.

What's the hold up?!